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Construction hoist

Construction hoist

Safety devices

1.Over Speed Protection

2.Over Load Protection

3.Safety hook

4.Limit Switch Device

5.Bottom Buffering device

6.Electrical&Mechanical Interlock


The cage is enclosed structure weld with with profiled bar, aluminum composite panel, aluminum embossed sheet, steel wire weave and steel plate. and there are entrance door and exit door with electric interlocking device


It is made of specified steel for train wheel hub.Before shaping, the material is forged twice to make its grain structure compact and has good ductility.  Surface hardening is adopted to enhance its hardness and abrasion performance.

Tie in:

Distance(from Mast section center to the wall) is from 1.8 to 2.1m


Technical data 

Model:- NCSC100

Cage:- single

Lifting Capacity:- 1000kg

Lifting speed:- 0-36m/min

Install Height:- 45 meters

Cage Internal Size (Length *With*Height):-3.0*1.5*2.2m

Motor (Chinese brand):- 2*13kw



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